Located near Bozeman, Montana - Altilux specializes in aerial imagery - both still and video. We use some of the most sophisticated aerial platforms available. 


Aerial video or still photography provides an important perspective to an endless number of needs, including; Real Estate, Advertising, Insurance Claims, Evidence Records, Special Interest Filming, Construction Progress AND professional film projects. We also have clips and images available for your project - from all seasons and elevations.


We are FAA approved for commercial operation. We operate in strict compliance with the FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification. For all commercial aerial photo flights we maintain a $1M liability policy from Global Aerospace. 


Our primary equipment include the high-end DJI Inspire 1 (X3 & Z3 cameras), Inspire 2 (X4S & X5S cameras) and Mavic UAVs. 


We have been granted all the necessary permits to conduct aerial filming on USFS lands (excluding Wilderness areas). Also have contributed aerial work in several Emmy nominated films, with one receiving multiple Emmys.


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